Sales, Service, Installation, Support & Administration for:

Software — Servers

— Windows Server 2019 & 2022
— IIS (Internet Information Server)
— Exchange Server
— SQL Server
— Security & Virus Protection (content filtering/virus scanning/firewall)
— Remote Desktop Connections
— VPNs

Software — Workstations

— Windows Operating Systems
— Office Suites & Business Applications
— Mac OSX


— Cabling, switches, routers/firewalls

— Dell PowerEdge tower & rack mount
— Backup Solutions

Workstations & Notebooks

Printers & Scanners

Service Solutions

Twisted Pairs IT Solutions Ltd. offers information technology solutions for small businesses.

For every company that utilizes computers, maintenance must be performed on a regular and an on-demand basis. As the number of computers within a business increase and with the addition of servers, this requirement continues to grow. Due to the constant operating system updates, service pack releases and steady hardware/software enhancements many companies find themselves in need of computer and network support people. Most small businesses cannot justify the costs associated with acquiring, training and maintaining their own in-house support staff.

Twisted Pairs is an alternative, cost effective solution.

Twisted Pairs has been specializing in the computer and network industry for small businesses for more than 20 years. Our exceptional people are dedicated to providing your company with an appropriate solution to your current and future needs. Listed below are some of the services we provide:

Network Connectivity

Onsite and Remote Support



Hosting Services

Backup Solutions